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WaterBob (Emergency Water Reserve)


WaterBob TM

Never wait in line again to buy expense bottled water! Have plenty of water for your entire family for drinking, cooking, washing and flushing.

The WaterBOB? turns any standard bathtub into an emergency water reserve, storing up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water.

When an emergency arises simply lay the WaterBOB? in your bathtub, hookup to the faucet and fill to capacity. A siphon pump is included to easily dispense the water into jugs or pitchers. The WaterBOB? follows FDA guidelines and is constructed of heavy-duty food grade plastic.

WaterBOB Step by Step Installation instructions:

Lay the WaterBOB? liner flat and centered in the bath tub with the nozzles (white caps) facing up:
Unscrew the nozzle cap that is closest to the faucet and attach the fill sock to that nozzle by turning it clockwise until tight. Slide the other end of the fill sock over the bathtub faucet:


Hold the fill sock firmly around the faucet with one hand while your other hand turns on the cold water. Turn it off when the water level reaches about one inch from the top of the liner. Remove the fill sock and replace it with a white cap and tighten:

When you are ready for water, remove the center nozzle cap and thread on the siphon pump by turning in a clockwise motion.
To dispense the water, insert the fill tube in an empty jug or pitcher and squeeze the red bulb

You will need to pump several times to begin the siphon effect. To stop the water flow, loosen the vent cap located on top of the pump.

When fresh water is no longer needed, slit the side of the liner and drain the remaining water. Dispose of the empty bag and please recycle. To keep the water fresh, close any window treatments and place towels over the liner to block sunlight.

During a hurricane or tropical storm, water main breaks and storm surges can interrupt or even contaminate your water supply. When clean drinking water is unavailable it?s more than just inconvenient, it can become life threatening.

Every household should have the WaterBOB for temporary water storage during emergency situations and after disaster relief. Purchase a WaterBOB? for your family and friends and for each bathroom in your home. Clean water is a top priority. Be prepared with the WaterBOB!

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