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TapTech Massager TRF-1001


TapTech Massager  (TRF-1001)

Back and Shoulder Massager

Tap Tech Massager, is a Back, Shoulder, Neck and Whole Body Massage.

The TapTech Massager will:

Relax Tense Muscles

Relax Aching Backs

Relax Tired Neck

Experience it Now!
Anybody! Anywhere! Anytime!
Enjoy the Tapping Massage.

Comes in Gold or Black.

Please make sure to indicate your choice (in the notes section when filling in the order)

Easy to Carry & Use.
Relax tense muscles & Skin / Circulation of the Blood.
Tap massage on Back, Shoulder, Abdomen, Foot, Calf of the leg, Thigh & Lower Back

Product Features
? Automatic preprogrammed twenty (20) different types of massages.
? High / Low strength buttons.
? Automatic shut off feature for over heating and 5 minute session.
? A deep tech commercial grade solenoid for deep tissue massage action.

Product Description
Strong Massaging Effects: Commercial Grade solenoids allow a deep, penetrating massage that typical vibrations can not provide. Convenience TAPTECH is very simple and easy to use. Just place it anywhere on desired areas by using the handle rings. TAPTECH can be used as a foot massager by placing it on the floor. TAPTECH is an excellent back massager as well. Simply let the unit slide down your back while holding on to the handles. TAPTECH gives an excellent calf massage. Just place it on sofa or floor and let your calves rest on the unit. TAPTECH can give you a refreshing massage virtually anywhere on the body. Place it gently on the desired areas and relax.

How To Use the TapTech Massager.
1. Plug in the unit to the A/C power source.
2. Turn on TAPTECH by pressing the red "ON/OFF" button.
3. Adjust desired strength by pressing on the HIGH(Top)/LOW(Bottom) button until desired strength is set.
4. Grab the handles to help place massager in desired areas. At the same time, you can stimulate trigger point in your palm by squeezing the handle. Do not use excessive force to pull the handle as it may damage the unit.
5. The massager will go through a pre-programmed 5 minute session. You can stop the session anytime by pressing the red "ON/OFF" button.
6. Unplug the unit from A/C Power source and store in a cool, dry place.

Recommended Users:
- Housewives who do strenouos housework
- Office and labor workers with tired, tense, and fatigued muscles
- Athletes with stiffened muscules and body aches
Caution: Make sure the electrical power source matches with the voltage on the unit prior to plugging the unit on. Individuals with internal disorders, injuries, or pregnant woman need to consult a doctor before using any type of massaging device. Recommended duration of usage is 5 minutes per session. Recommended usage in a particular area of body is 5 minutes each. Do not use this product for any means other than for massaging purposes


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