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Solar Powered Illuminated Address Numbers


The EZ View® Solar Powered Illuminated Address Number is an elegant, handsome, maintenance free solution that pays for itself with the peace of mind that you have given your family that extra bit of security.

Each Solar Powered unit displays ONE digit only. You will need as many Solar Powered units as many digits - your address number includes. You snap together as many units as you need to form your address number.

How long does it take the EZ View® to recharge?
The unit automatically recharges completely during the day in about one hour?which gives it a 1,000 hours of reserve operational power.

Does the unit need to be directly exposed to the sun?
No, the unit needs only an unobstructed view of the sky only. Direct exposure to the sun is not required.

How long will every cycle last?
Each charged cycle will last one thousand hours. Assuming a ten-hour night, the EZ View® could operate for one hundred nights (3 months) before the unit would need to be recharged. (This would be ideal in Alaska during the winter) Because of this superior design, even if it were to rain for a week straight, the unit will still illuminate at night because the unit has approximately three-months worth of stored power.  

How do I attach/assemble the units together?
Each unit pegs and grooves together at the ends. You snap together as many units as you need to form your address number. Place one screw through the hole at each end of the completed address and affix it to your desired location. You only need two screws.

To what surfaces can I attach these units?
These units can be attached to brick, stucco, siding, shingles, concrete, wood etc. The units can also be attached to your mailbox, tree or fence.

What are the physical dimensions of each unit?
Each unit measures 2 5/8 x 6 inches

I have an alphabet in my address, do you have lettering?
Each EZ View unit comes complete with a full set of numbers (0-9) and a hyphen/dash. Optional alphabet lettering is available. If ordering online, you can request the letter you need with your order and we will include it with your order.

At what distance can this unit be seen?
Our unit has been tested to be visible at up to 200 feet.

Is the unit weatherproof?
Our unit has been tested for extreme temperatures including rain, snow, excessive winds, humidity, and salinity in the air. Our product can withstand temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit to ?4 degrees Fahrenheit. These units will operate in temperatures outside of that range but it will affect the amount of solar energy that is consumed and collected.

How can EZVIEW® help you?

  • The law requires clear identification of your address

  • For the safety of your family during an emergency

  • Police and EMS can locate your home within seconds

  • Friends and family will be able to find you

  • No more cold food deliveries

  • A must for the elderly

  • Fire, Police and EMS recommended

  • Safety Measure for locating your home

  • Assists UPS, FedEx and DHL in locating your home

Why do I need a EZ View® Solar Powered Address Number?
EMS, Fire and Police are trained to respond to an emergency with extreme urgency. Unfortunately, most homes do not have their address numbers clearly marked, which makes it difficult if not impossible to see at night. Having a clearly visible illuminated address number can cut that response time drastically?and those precious seconds saved could mean all the difference.

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