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Slidewalker? The Restraint Assist Handle



Restraint Assist Handle

For use with a Retractable Cord Leash

How to assemble:

1.  Insert Part A (hold button) into
      hole in Part B and snap in place.      

2.  Extend and lock cord from

3.  With hold button on Slidewalker?  facing 
     leash housing, place leash cord along
     length of Part B.

4.  Place Part C over cord in Part B, then using screws provided, 
      secure tightly. 

5.  Peel off backing of reflective strip and place in slot on back of 
      Part C.


How to use:

1. Holding the retractable cord leash handle with one hand as you would normally, grasp Slidewalker? in your other hand.  


2.  As your pet moves away from or returns to you,  the cord will slide freely through the Slidewalker?.


3. To set Slidewalker?  anywhere along the cord, simply press hold button forward. It will now hold in place on the cord.


4.  To disengage the Slidewalker?, click the hold button back. The handle will now move freely along the cord.

5.  To control and hold your dog securely, drawing your dog close to you, lock the break mechanism in the retractable cord leash's housing, with your other hand on the Slidewalker?, bring hands together keeping the Slidewalker? parallel with the cord and hold firmly.  You are now able to use both hands to pull your dog out of harms way.


This technique can also be used should your dog ever dart after a small animal or other distraction while out walking.  Again, lock the cord, bring your hand holding the Slidewalker? together with the housing and hold tight,  and though the hold button is a nice feature, it is this reason, that it is suggested that the  Slidewalker?  always be kept in hand or as close to the handler as possible.

Using the Slidewalker?  in this way, the handler can avoid a jolt to the arm and shoulder which sometimes occurs when holding a retractable cord leash with only one hand.


The Slidewalker? can be use with many of the leading brands of retractable cord leashes that are on the market, however, it is NOT recommended for use with dogs that exceed the 110 lbs. limit stated on the package or retractable cord leash systems with EXTRA LONG CORDS (26 FT.) 

 If you are not sure if the Slidewalker? will work with your leash, please e-mail us (info@newdavincis.com ) with the brand name and we?ll let you know. 

CAUTION: ? The hold button on the Slidewalker? Is not a break. To stop and totally secure your pet you must use the break mechanism provided in the retractable leash housing.

? Never grab cord with bare or gloved hand. Doing so may cause serious injury or amputation.

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