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RUNG-IT Painter's Tray


RUNG-IT?  Painter's Tray

Note: This item is temporary out of stock. Orders could be made but expect delivery only in Mid August.

New RUNG-IT Painter's Tray Attaches to Extension Ladder, Holds Paint Cans and Supplies.



Designed for left- or right-handed use, the RUNG-IT Painter's Tray offers the essential features that painters require for high-level painting. It is engineered to be robust enough to carry both the paint can and supplies that a painter would ordinarily have to physically support while on the ladder.

The revolutionary RUNG-IT? Painter's Tray is ergonomically designed so that a painter never again need hold onto a paint can while working from an extension ladder. This innovative product quickly and easily fixes onto the inside of a ladder rung.

With RUNG-IT in place, the painter can focus on painting, with less worry about paint spillage, or dropping brushes, scrapers or screwdrivers. No more fatigued arms, legs or hands. The RUNG-IT tray design allows the painter to stand in a relaxed position on the ladder, reducing stress on the knees and feet. Up to 30% increase in work productivity has been measured.


Without RUNG-IT, you have to descend the ladder, paint can in hand, when the ladder has to be moved, set the paint down, move the ladder, and then pick the paint can up again to climb the ladder. If you use the RUNG-IT Painter?s Tray, you can simply leave the paint can in place in the tray, descend the ladder, move it over and climb right back up again to continue working (this assumes that while the ladder is being repositioned, it is held more or less vertical).

The RUNG-IT Painter?s Tray may be transferred from one side of the ladder to the other, without descending the ladder, so ambidextrous painters ? and most professional painters are ? can simply transfer the tray from one side to the other, clip it in place, and continue painting.

Note: This item is temporary out of stock. Orders could be made but expect delivery only in Mid August.


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