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R.E.M Spring - Facial Hair Remover


R.E.M SPRING - Facial Hair Remover

R.E.M SPRING is an innovative, revolutionary technique for removing facial hair intended to be used by women, personally and professionally. 

R.E.M SPRING is a fast and easy way to remove those little hairs on cheeks, chin, neck and upper lip. Roll the REM Spring? bar over unwanted hairs it removes hair from the root, and won?t leave skin with rashes, redness or sores like waxing can. Use wet or dry. Easy to take along in a purse or travel kit.

R.E.M SPRING was developed by women fed up with the ancient, complicated, time-consuming methods for removing facial hair such as wax, string, creams and so forth, which were expensive, painful and not necessarily successful.

R.E.M SPRING was developed for easy, efficient use, after consulting with leading experts in the industry.

Unlike any other methods, when using R.E.M SPRING there is no need to wait days of weeks for hair to grow to a minimum length. A few millimeters of hair are enough for using the product. .

Using R.E.M SPRING saves:

Time? you can use R.E.M SPRING anywhere, anytime. Its compact size and light-weight are ideal for carrying in your bag or purse. Using the product does not require a mirror, batteries or electricity, and you can use it as many times as you want. 

Money do it yourself in a professional way, eliminating the need to frequently visit the beauty parlor or purchase byproducts.

Pain? unlike other products, R.E.M SPRING is painless and doesn?t damage or affect facial skin, does not cause creases or pigmentation, is hypoallergenic, doesn?t have any side effects and is safe for use by pregnant women.

R.E.M SPRING is made from natural materials only and manufactured according to American Standard ACTM313.

Areas for use:

The product can be used in the area surrounding the mouth, including the upper and lower lip, chin, cheeks?and neck.

Correct use of R.E.M SPRING System:

Bend the R.E.M. SPRING bar downwards into an inverted U shape, place against your face where facial hair is to be removed. Make sure the inverted U is constant. 

Roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous motion. At the same time as this inward and outward movement, move the device up and down against the direction of the hair growth. You will feel a slight tingling sensation as hair is removed from the roots.


Stretch the skin around the lips with your tongue. 

Clean once a month by light counter-pressure and blowing. 

For hygienic reasons, do not let other people use the device.


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