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Let PupLight Light Your Way When You Walk Your Dog At Night

 PupLight is a small LED flashlight a dog carries on it's chest which lights the way and the dog for a safe and more enjoyable nighttime walk and it?s so convenient because the dog walker doesn't need to carry a flashlight to see ahead.

PupLights Come In Red, Silver, Blue and Black .

Please specify your choice of color.

With PupLight it's easy to find your dog in the dark. Additionally, PupLight protects your dog from cars off-leash because it projects a beam of light 20 ? 30 feet in front of the dog so cars can see the beam in plenty of time to stop for the dog. PupLight has 3 white LEDs which illuminate 200 feet forward, 70 feet to each side and last over 150 hrs on AAA batteries. It comes with a two piece adjustable band which fits almost any size dogs and easily slips over the dogs head, snaps on or can be attached to an existing collar. PupLight comes with a fur guard and the light can be angled up or down.

PupLight is a unique new product that represents one of the most important advances in canine safety. PupLight is a light that provides more illumination than any other product in its category. With PupLight you won't lose your dog and it's so bright it lights your way when you walk. It was designed to meet the needs of dog owners who demand high quality, reliable, long lasting products for their pets. PupLight's patented design features include:

  • Three ultra-bright LED's - light up to 200 feet and make dogs visible at night

  • Rugged, water resistant construction - gives years of service to even the most active dogs.

  • Easy-on adjustable elastic band - assures a proper fit for any size dog.




  • Small:

1 ½? High x 2 ? Wide

  • Lightweight:

Weights 2.5 Ounces

  • Very Bright Long Lasting Light

Has 3 Ultra-Bright White LED's
Illuminates Up To 200 Feet In Front of Dog and 70 Feet to the Side
Dog Can Be Seen Coming 3 Blocks Away and 1 1/2 Blocks From Behind
Light Shines Brightly for Over 150 Hrs
Rim Keeps Light From Shining in Dog's Eyes

  • Durable

Made of Polycarbonate Plastic and Nylon 

  • Water Resistant

If It Starts To Rain or if Light Gets Splashed On It

  • Easy To Use

Comes With Adjustable Elastic Band Worn Below Existing Collar:
Easily Slips Over the Dog's Head or Use Side Release Buckles
Keeps Light From Moving When Leash Is Pulled To One Side

  • Adjustable

Adjustable Light Should Be Set So Brightest Light Shines 5 - 15 Feet in Front of the Dog

  • Collar Attachment

Keeps Hair Away From Light
Keeps Light Low Beneath Dog's Head

  • Replaceable Batteries

Uses 3 AAA Batteries ? Inexpensive, Readily Available
Batteries Last Over 24 Hours.

Please do not forget to specify your choice of color (black, blue, red or silver).

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