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Potty Rock


Potty Rock

Potty Rock is non-toxic and safe dog obedience training method, working effectively with male and female dogs.

Fragrance stimulates a dog to use the area You choose.

Eliminate multiple burned areas on your lawn due to K9 urine.



A must for puppy potty training or full grown canine.




Keep your lawn looking fresh and green with Potty Rock!

Eliminate ugly urine stains all over your yard!



The Potty Rock training system is sealed in a plastic bag with decorative packaging. Included is an informational full color brochure with details on how to potty train a puppy or old dog.



Fragrance will not "wash away" quickly in rain

Significantly reduces K-9 potty training time

Custom colors available

Works for male and female dogs

4 1/2" X 7" X 3/4" size

Storeable and rechargeable


Other Uses:


City Walking Paths


Veterinary Clinics

Way-Side Rests

Apartment Buildings

Dog Training Techniques


Place the Potty Rock in an area you want your dog to use for a designated potty area. It is best if you point out the rock and designated area to your puppy a few times, then praise your canine when they go potty in the spot you've picked. Your K9 friend learns quickly to use that area of lawn,


rock bed or potty garden for their needs, keeping other areas of your lawn green and spot free. When you want to change an area of designation simply place the potty rock in another spot and repeat the process. The potty rock is cast with a built in fragrance that is almost irresistible to canines, and makes potty training your dog a quick efficient process. The fragrance of this training device will not wash away in rain or deteriorate quickly in sunshine or inclement weather. This dog potty training device is reusable and can be stored in a zip lock bag for future use, making the Potty Rock the ultimate training system for puppy potty training as well as a full grown canine.
   When you want to potty train a puppy, the potty rock can be "mans best friend" as well as your pooch.

This K-9 potty training system will significantly reduce the time it takes to house train a dog as well as an older outdoor canine. Imagine ... no more waiting 10 to 15 minutes for your canine friend to find that "magic spot" while you are house training your dog. Your pet will adapt quickly to using one area of lawn. Eliminate those ugly urine stains in your yard that other pet owners only wish they didn't have to put up with.

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