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Pest Offense (Triple Pack Kit)


 PEST OFFense - Triple Pack Kit 

(Includes 3 Pest Offense units)

Use your home's electrical wiring to:



PEST Offense is the smart, modern - safe and easy way to repel Roaches, Mice, Rats and many other pests without chemicals, baits or traps.

*Environmentally Safe

*Safely works through the electrical wiring in the walls emitting a signal that drives pests away

*Just plug it into any standard outlet *Safe for most pets *Includes Nightlight and Surge Protector *Cheap, Easy and Effective to use ....... about $4.00 annually *Can save over $300 a year on pest control

Plugs into any standard 110-volt outlet and covers up to 2500 square feet per level of residential area and 1500 square feet of commercial area.

Don't give pests a fighting chance, take the offense with PEST OFFense, a remarkable, environmentally safe way to control household pests, such as mice, rats and roaches without the use of chemicals or pest control services. PEST OFFense is easy to use, just plug it in and let it do the work for you. PEST OFFense  works through the wiring within the walls of any building, emitting a signal that actually drives pest out of your walls where they choose to nest and breed.

PEST OFFense is not Ultrasound or Sonar, but uses an amazing new technology that makes pest control easier and safer than ever before. PEST OFFense is safe for common household pets except rodent-based pets such as mice, rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, minks and tarantulas.

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