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Particle Necklace DY-002


Particle Necklace

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This necklace may look like a string of beads, but it's really 80 Rare Earth Magnets, that can form a necklace, a choker, bracelet, ring or anything you can imagine.

By overlapping the ends of the necklace and twisting the two rows you can create a "V" shaped pendant, or by letting a little extra slack hang and attaching its end back to the necklace you can create a circular pendant. Explore your own designs with all the 80 magnets you can enjoy many different styles. Made of nickel-plated rare earth magnets.

Magnets can attach together inside the body and could cause injury or be fatal. Seek immediate medical attention if you or a child swallows one or more magnets.


Q: Are the magnets really strong enough to stay on?

A: The incredible strength of these permanent magnets must be seen to be believed. Their force is so strong that under normal use the jewelry will stay on during normal daily activity. However, common sense rules apply; do not wear your jewelry under extreme conditions such as athletic activities.

CAUTION: These magnets are very strong and as a precaution, should be avoided by people wearing pacemakers.

To learn more about magnetic jewelry

read?at:? http://www.medtronic.com/rhythms/Education/magnets52.html

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  • Model: Particle Necklace DY-002

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