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Mop Flops? : 

A Mom-made Product!

INDICATE SIZE: Small (5-6), Medium (7-8), Large (9-10)

Towels for your feet! A hands-free way to clean your floor!

Keeping kitchen and bathroom floors clean is a difficult and never-ending chore, especially in households with kids and/or pets. By turning your feet into powerful scrubbing and cleaning tools, Mop Flops is a hands-free method that eliminates constantly bending down, or having to get down on your hands and knees to clean up drips and spills.

MopFlops are terry cloth booties lined in vinyl, with a pocket across the sole of the foot to accommodate sponges (included) or towels (not included). For use on tile, vinyl or hardwood floors.

  • Dance your floors clean - Walk on wet floors while mopping. Clean as you go!

  • Saves your back - No more bending to wipe up drips and spots.

  • MopFlops go where you don't want to - Use feet to reach around toilet base.

  • Keep floors clean longer - Wear when working in kitchen to maintain clean floors.



To spot clean between mopping, just use a spray bottle with water or cleaner on the dirty spot, and wipe clean with your feet. Your body's pressure on the Mop Flops helps you clean away sticky patches or stubborn stains easily without having to bend down. This leaves your hands free for other things like talking on the phone, holding children, cooking, cleaning counters, or putting on your favorite music and dancing your floor clean! You can use Mop Flops instead of a mop to clean small bathrooms and kitchen floors. Or use Mop Flops while using a traditional mop for larger kitchens or rooms. You'll be able to walk on your freshly washed wet floor, without ever mopping yourself into a dry corner again! Or use them to quickly dry freshly mopped floors and eliminate waiting to get back in the kitchen.

This innovative product has been featured on America's most "beloved" afternoon television talk-show, and is available now for you to purchase

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