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LoJo Seats: Mustang '60 or '70


The Mustang '69 or '70 (one seat only)

A stool, footrest and seat.

A unique solution for modern day lounging.

A popular male choice with its sports car seat interior and beaten up leather looks. Men appreciate the embroidered detailing. The tongue in cheek numbering, and the squeak you hear when you get comfortable in it.

LoJo is today’s answer to yesterday’s beanbag. LoJo is unique, stylish, sociable, and yet personal. LoJo is portable, flexible and above all – a very comfortable seat.


LoJo is a new seating concept, designed for 21st century living.

Stylish and innovative it ensures however limited your living space the LoJo will meet your needs.  Plus with its unique, comfortable and contemporary design it makes it a new must have for every home.

Approximately half a metre diameter, it uses the beanbag as its inspiration but eliminates all its limitations. The LoJo is incredibly comfortable. It opens up from a footstool into a chair. The seat is filled with beans to mould to the shape of your bottom whist the back is sculpted using a specially designed covered inflatable to support your lower back.

What is the idea behind it? 

The way we live our lives both inside and outside the home is changing.  There are more single and shared occupancy homes than ever before and people are delaying getting onto the property ladder as prices make it more and more difficult to be a first time buyer.  Home design is reflecting these changes with more open living which requires more versatile and flexible design. 

We need a seat that can be our own personal refuge for listening to music, watching TV or kicking back with the papers or our favourite book. We need a seat that can go wherever we want to go. We need a seat that can help us personalise our living space: A seat that does not get in our way and can come out and be used when our friends stay over. An affordable, stylish solution for flexible seating.

The LoJo answers all of these needs.  Its patented design utilises space without compromising comfort.  And with its stylish range of designs will fit into any home, regardless of size.

Sit on it: Accessorize your room. Zip up your LoJo to form a perfect sphere, which can then be used as a stool or foot rest.

Sit in it. Unzip the two parts to form the unique LoJo shape, allowing you to turn LoJo into a contemporary interior lounge chair.

The LoJo is incredibly comfortable. The seat is filled with beans to mould to the shape of your bottom whilst the back is sculpted using a specially designed, covered inflatable to support your lower back. When you need your very own personal chill out pod or just want to laze around with friends, roll out a LoJo.


Please make sure to indicate your choice (‘69 or ‘70) when filling in the order (in the notes section).

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