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Led House number (Large)


Led House number

Simple to Install Led Signs.

(free shipping)

Mounting Base: 12" | Sign length: 14" | Sign width: 18"

(Designed for homes largers than 900 Squares feet)

At night, the numbers light up brightly.

The sign uses low voltage electricity and cost less than $1 per year to operate year-round. 

The LED?s include a 3-year replacement warranty and are engineered to last up to 15 years of 24/7/365 operation.

When filling in the order, Please make sure to indicate (in the notes section) the up to 5 upper characters of the plate, the up to 20 charactres of the lower line of the plate, the shape, the Led color and the font color you want us to design your plate.

Please select the shape:

 Please select the Led and the font color:



How many colors of LEDs do you have?
We have a choice of 4 LED colors including white, red, blue, green.

What colors of lettering do you have to choose from?
We have a choice of 11 colors including: White, Tomato Red, Real Blue, Kelly Green, Primrose Yellow, Royal Purple, Coral, Titanium, Sandstone, Pearl and Midnight Black.

How long does it take to get the sign?

Customers can expect to receive their orders within 15 days from time of order.

What is the sign made of?
The sign consists of 2 pieces - the acrylic plate and the LED mounting base. The plate is made from UV coated, high grade acrylic. The LED mounting base is made from UV coated ABS. Both pieces have been designed to withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures.

Is the sign Energy Efficient?
Yes. The sign is designed to stay on 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will cost you less than $1 per year.

Do you have to put your address on the sign?
Absolutely Not. You have the option of putting a name, words, text or numbers on the sign. Upper line 5 characters (big size). Lower line 20 characters (smaller size).

Is there a limit to the amount of characters that can fit on each sign?
Yes. Upper line 5 characters (big size). Lower line 20 characters (smaller size).

Is there a warranty?
Yes, we provide a 90 day manufacturers guarantee for any manufacturer defects and a 3 year warranty for the LED mounting base.

Where to put the sign?
That's completely up to you. The most popular mounting locations are the front of the garage or front of the house but some people have even mounted it inside in the front window.











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  • Model: Led House number (Large)

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