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KAZ e KUP ? The Ultimate All-Purpose Cup Holder


KAZ e KUP ? is the most versatile cup holder ever created!

(This order includes only cup holder)

Finally, an answer to the mess made in and around your current Cup Holder!
Use it in your Car, at the Beach or at your Back Yard.

Designed to catch and store spills and condensation from any container being held, The KAZ e KUP® is guaranteed to keep you and the surrounding area clean!

Please do not forget to indicate your choice of color (in the "notes" section, when checking out):Cobalt Blue, Lavender, Seafoam, White or Black.

In your Car:

Prevents Your Drinks From Spilling! Saves You Time On Cleaning Your Existing Cup Holder! End Your Frustration Of Auto Carpet Stains!

- Quick and easy, slip-in installation and removal in your existing cup holders.

- Requires absolutely no modification or alteration to your vehicle.

- Simple, functional, one-piece design that fits in any existing cup holder.Designed to naturally accept any size drink containers - drop things in, and they center and stay in place.


In your Boat:

At the Beach:

Your Kaz e Pole is used to quickly and easily holds your drinks at a perfect height for you at the beach. This pole stays in the sand no matter what blows at it!

In your Backyard:

More General info/applications:

With this practical cup holder, you never have to worry again about taking your eyes off the road to insert your drink into your auto cup holder. The KAZ e KUP? cup holders large opening solves that problem easily!

The KAZ e KUP? cup holder is much more reliable than your regular built-in auto cup holders because it will catch your drink's spills and overflows in its reservoir each and every time. Plus, you can clean this cup holder easier! Since this one-of-a-kind cup holder is portable, you can rinse it out anywhere. You can't do that with your existing built-in cup holder.

Introducing A NEW Way To Hold Your KAZ e KUP? Cup Holder For An Easy Reach When You're Relaxing At The Pool & In Your Back Yard!

Using the KAZ e POLE and KAZ e STAND to hold your drinks saves more space than using tables to your hold drinks. Using your KAZ e STANDS, position your cup holders and poles next to your chairs for easier reaching of your drinks

Announcing A NEW Way To Hold Your KAZ e KUP? Cup Holder For An Easy Reach When You're Relaxing At The Beach & Picnics!

KAZ e KUP ? supports the entire height of the held container, including its upper rim. This is done while still allowing room to easily access and remove and replace the container being held. This amazing all-purpose cup holder is an ideal auto cup holder, atv cup holder, truck cup holder, recreational vehicle cup holder, boat cup holder, baby stroller cup holder, exercise equipment cup holder, golf cart cup holder, motorcycle cup holder, and anywhere else you may find or need a very stable cup holder. 

...used in your backyard...:

From the inventor of KAZ e KUP Portable Auto Cup Holder: ?I designed this cup holder to completely prevent spills and messes that occur in your existing cup holder. I'm a die-hard coffee drinker, and on several occasions, I've spilled my large cup of coffee in my Toyota truck because of a sudden stop, quick swerve, or a fast turn. Most of the times when my coffee toppled-over was just because my existing cup holder was unable to hold the base of my large cup of coffee properly?.

... simple to use and handle ...:

Your KAZ e KUP? auto cup holder is made of polypropylene, a durable plastic that will not rust and will not crack, in other words this cup holder will last you a lifetime. It encases your cup, bottle, or can you place inside of it securely. The cup holder's reservoir is located at the bottom of the cup holder to catch your spills, and overflows to prevent messes.

This cup holder is a great car accessory gift for those large cup coffee drinkers and super size soda drinkers in your life. They will love your KAZ e KUP Cup Holder gift because they can finally fit their large drinks in a secure cup holder that prevents their large drinks from tipping over causing those annoying messes.

KAZ e KUP ? is completely portable, dishwasher safe, easily fit into most existing cup holders often found in cars, boats, golf carts, shopping carts.

Please do not forget to indicate your choice of color (in the "notes" section, when checking out):Cobalt Blue, Lavender, Seafoam, White or Black.

For cost and information about special silk-screening jobs, (logo, company name, promotional program etc.), please contact  info@newdavincis.com 


Please Check under this category for the other KAZ e KUP ? accessories. They will help you enjoying your KAZ e KUP ? in any situation !


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