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INVIS-ID-Kit: Professional Property Marking Kit



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Law enforcement and insurance companies encourage people to mark their property for ready identification in the event of loss or theft.


  • Invisible Ink Marker Pen
  • Aluminum UV-LED
  • Plastic Storage Case
  • Extra Set of Batteries
  • Door and Static-Cling Window Warning Decals
  • Operation ID Program Detailed Instruction Card


  • Won't Deface Property
  • Won't Affect Resale Value
  • Resolves Ownership Disputes
  • Deceptive to Thieves
  • Increases Chances of Recovery
  • Aids in Conviction
  • The INVIS-ID Professional Property Marking Kit was developed to be an extremely versatile off-the-shelf solution for safely marking a virtually limitless variety of items with durable, invisible ink. It is an excellent tool for homeowners and businesses alike.

    The INVIS-ID line of security ink marking solutions are used for authentication, anticounterfeiting, and theft or loss prevention. Applications include marking sensitive documents and physical assets in a covert manner with invisible ink.

    About Invisible Ink

    Invisible inks contain unconventional dyes or pigments which become visible when exposed to an excitation light source which causes them to fluoresce. Invisible inks are a subcategory of a class of inks known as security inks. Such inks are widely used in bank notes or currency as an anti-counterfeit measure.

    Security inks are specialized inks used for the purpose of authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and loss or theft prevention. There are primarily two types of invisible inks: Downconverting and upconverting. These correlate to UV inks (ultraviolet) and IR inks (infrared) they fluoresce when exposed to these types of light sources.

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