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Insta-Fix Super Glue, viatek, iftv01


Insta-Fix Super Glue

The Most Extraordinary Adhesive and Filler System Ever-Made by Viatek

Insta-Fix creates an instant permanent bond to virtually any surface. Insta-Fix is a super adhesive glue and filler system that can hold up to 800 Lbs! Insta-Fix Super Glue is sand-able, paint-able, 100% waterproof and more!

Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue was developed by film and television professionals and used by special effects crews, high end custom car manufacturers, and many more! Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue is the miracle adhesive and filler that bonds virtually any type of material in seconds. Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue Adhesive bonds plastic, porcelain, glass, tile, rubber, cast iron, wood, vinyl, copper, steel, leather. Not only that, it bonds all these different materials to each other. Amazing!


What makes Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue a phenomenon is Noxybond technology. That means no oxygen. When the oxygen is removed by pressing the two pieces together, Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue creates an incredibly strong bond, instantly. Only a drop or two of Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue Adhesive is required (there is a lot of repairing in that little bottle). Use only a drop or two, then press the pieces together to eliminate the oxygen, and it?s done. Instantly. No curing. No waiting. On to the next job.

Insta-FIx Extraordinary Super Glue Features & Benefits:

? Insta-FIx will not dry out in the bottle like other adhesives
? Insta-FIx is Non toxic and non hazardous
? Insta-FIx performs from -30F to 300F
? Insta-FIx tests to 2700 PSI
? Insta-FIx dries perfectly clear
? Insta-FIx is stainable and paintable
? Insta-FIx is sandable
? Insta-FIx is drillable
? Insta-FIx is threadable


Types of Repairs You Can Do With Insta-Fix:

?Repairs plumbing leaks in copper, metal, flex and plastic. Joins copper to plastic to metal to flex ? any combination.
? Repairs pool liners and cracks or holes in pumps and pipes.
? Repairs pool covers.
? Repairs rubber O-rings, power belts, hoses, and gas lines.
? Repairs furniture, wood floors, antiques
? Stainable and paintable.? Repairs broken tile and porcelain.
? Repairs surface cracks in almost everything.
? Perfectly clear for repairing glass.
? Repairs brackets, mirrors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
? Ideal as a nut-locking adhesive.


If there are holes or gaps to fill, that?s the time for Insta-Fix Filler and Adhesive together. The Insta-Fix Filler automatically starves the Insta-Fix Adhesive of oxygen and the repair is complete. Depending on the repair, you might apply Adhesive first and then Filler or sometimes Filler and then Adhesive.


An Insta-Fix Filler is paintable and stainable. Also, it can be drilled, sanded, or threaded. Unlike so-called ?super glues,?
Insta-Fix will not dry out and harden, so no more money wasted on adhesives that are used only once and then throw
away later. Insta-Fix has a shelf life of at least three years.

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