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Big Ben LED Atomic Clock Weather Station (TL349)


Big Ben LED Atomic Clock Weather Station (TL349)

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The worlds first Weather Station with Atomic Clock will transform you into a virtual weatherman.

What sets this weather station apart from other stations available is not just the atomic clock feature, which isn't available on any other weather station in the world. What sets this weather station apart is the brilliant LED lights that make your important weather information visible from farther distances than other weather stations and also makes the information available during the dark!

Hang this innovative weather station/atomic clock on your wall, and you won't be surprised by the weather again. In addition to a highly accurate, atomic clock and calendar, you'll know the temperature inside your home and outdoors thanks to a battery-powered, wireless outdoor transmitter. Measures indoor and outdoor humidity. Even displays moon phases and tides. The extra large LCD allows for easy reading. Get a head-start on the weather forecast today with the Weather Forecasting Station Clock.

 Barometer: Graphic display to show the Air pressure over the course of the last 12 hrs Display either in mb/hpa or inHg , air pressure

Trend display

Atomic Clock

Atomic Calendar

Temperature In Door and Out Door

Battery Powered

Wireless Out Door Transmitter

Min/Max humidity In Door and Out Door

Displays Moons Phases and Tides

Extra Large LCD

Time Zone Selected

Tidal Display: low/medium/high

Batteries AA x 4 (not included)

RF Remote Sensor

Sunrise and Sunset Displays

Note: Batteries are required at all times to use this clock. The power supply does not substitute the need for batteries.


Lenght: 1.5"
Width: 3.75"
Height: 14"

Q: What is the range for the remote transmitter?
A: The range for the remote transmitter is 100 ft

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