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AngLevel Multi-purpose Measuring tool


AngLevel - Multi-purpose Measuring tool

The AngLevel tool replaces the t-bevel, speed square, and torpedo level and performs more functions not found in these or other tools. 7 Tools in One !

The AngLevel? Multi-purpose measuring tool is a handheld tool designed by contractors for contractors that easily fits in a tool belt saving you space and time. 

Product Summary:
The AngLevel? tool simplifies the use of commonly used tools, like the speed square, torpedo level, and t-bevel, thus increasing the tradesmen?s efficiency and saves space in their tool belt.  It performs additional functions that other tools simply do not.  

Who Does It Benefit?

It is extremely useful for a number of trades including, but not limited to siding (vinyl, aluminum, clapboard, etc.), framing (wood and steel), roofing, electrical, plumbing, woodworking, and general carpentry.  Also used by interior designers, mechanics, home owners, industrial, set designers.

Product Details:

The product is very high quality, made with stainless steel and fiberglass to withstand the rigors of a construction environment. 
This tool can be used as a 9-inch up to 16-inch torpedo level, also can be used for 16-inch on center step-off. Some of the other features include, 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch pitch (commonly used for drainage).  There are 1 thru 20 pitch lines on the body of tool and it display's the degree at the same time with a degree dial that ranges from 0
° to 90°degrees in 5°degree increments.  There is a pitch-to-degree conversion table, for example a 10-pitch = 40°degrees, or 12-pitch = 45°degrees. The stainless steel ruler on the AngLevel? tool spins 360° degrees and includes a compass feature.  The compass feature enables the user to make circles from 2-inches to 15-inches in ½ inch increments.  In addition the stainless steel ruler is 7-inches long etched in 1/16? inch increments. The ruler markings are ascending and descending on each side.  This tool increases the efficiency of the tradesman because it simplifies the use of commonly used tools, many functions can be performed at one time with less effort and less equipment.  The tool can make a less experienced or advanced tradesman more valuable and confident as it simplifies hard tasks and angle measurements that would be difficult and time consuming with other existing tools.  The tool is 1.5" thick (thickness of a standard wood/steel 2x lumber, like a "2x4 stud") and is 3/4?, which is half of the stud thickness, which helps finding the center of the stud or the opposite edge of the 2x lumber or steel. 

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